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T19 Face Mask

Why You Should Want a T19 Face Mask

Are you looking for the best face mask available? If so, a T19 face mask may be right for you. Texollini, Inc, a leading California manufacturer of technical knitted fabrics and finishes, introduces the T19 Performance face mask. Our team used our 30 years of textile experience and over 5000 developed fabrics to identify the right material for this project. We leveraged this knowledge to create this fabric mask. It was made to fulfill the need for a durable, fashionable, comfortable, protective, breathable barrier mask for the professional workplace and for recreation. It is made using our proprietary micro denier 3-dimensional spacer fabric, which is extra thick, to provide ample filtration without the need for layers. The special fabric offers you and others protection
Our high quality T19 face mask are designed, knit, dyed, printed, sewn and packaged here in the USA. We thought about ease of care; simply wash it at the end of the day with hot water and soap or detergent, or machine wash to get it clean. Hang or lay flat to dry, and it is ready to go the next morning. The antimicrobial Bac-Shield textile finish helps kill odor causing bacteria and germs, keeping the mask, and your skin, fresh and odor-free. The best face mask will endure many washings and still look and feel new each time you wear it, due to the quality and craftsmanship. Stop wasting your money on disposable masks, or moisture absorbing cotton, which take a longer time to dry.

Are you ready to try out the best face mask? Then you want the T19 face mask. Visit T19 Mask by Texollini today to shop our wide selection of design choices and find the masks that are ideal for working, shopping or recreational use.

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